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Since it was established in 1993, Shenzhen Polytechnic (SZPT) has been adhering to the policy of strengthening the polytechnic through its workforce, and has recruited talented people from both home and abroad, and committed itself to creating a faculty with excellent quality, effective structure, and a career platform that has high recognition of vocational education. Currently, Shenzhen Polytechnic has 183 professor-grade staff (full senior professional title), 603 associate professor-grade staff (senior professional title) on its regular payroll; 254 Ph.D. holders; 2 state-level outstanding teaching teams, 2 state-level distinguished teachers, 5 provincial-level distinguished teachers and 2 Pearl River Scholar. Among the full-time faculty, 82% of teachers have gained the qualification of "dual professional titles". The Polytechnic has also especially engaged 4 Pengcheng scholars through its global Pengcheng Scholar Program. Through years of development and augmentation, its overall faculty level has elbowed into the first tier among polytechnics of the same kind nationwide, and it now has a number of academic leaders and famous scholars with substantial influence in various majors and industries and formed a faculty with its own characteristics and advantages.

The database for "Scholars in SZPT" consists of Chinese and English versions, providing details on the faculty and staff with senior professional titles or Doctoral degrees at Shenzhen Polytechnic, so as to showcase our talent pool and academic strengths.  (2014.6)



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